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Tradable RU is a separate company in Devexperts Group ( The company was formed in January 2014 to focus on one the most interesting and prospective projects of Devexperts. Tradable Ru is a Software Company which develops a revolutionary trading platform for FOREX market also named Tradable. This is the world’s first open trading platform. It provides a powerful API for 3rdparty developers that allows them to write their own apps for the platform and sell them via the Tradable Appstore.

Although Tradable is a new product it is already offered by top brokers in many regions all over the world: the USA (offered by, Australia (by IC Markets), Japan (by Monex), the UK (by MonexCapital) and many others coming soon.

The solutions include Java desktop platform, AppStore site, middle-office and mobile platforms. Tradable has a flexible interface that provides for quick integration with existing back-office systems, which enables fast and successful distribution among brokers.

Tradable Ru is expecting large growth during 2014. So far we have implemented only the basic part of our innovative ideas and the most interesting projects are ahead.

Tradable is constantly being improved. Third-party developers from all over the world are building apps to help traders personalize their trading experience. Whether it be news services, education apps, hardcore technical analysis, algo trading systems, social copy trading or whatever the next big thing is going to be – traders will find it in the Tradable Appstore.

Now Tradable Ru has a small (around 15 people) but very strong team. Everyone plays an important part and can contribute greatly to the success of the business and feel part of one closely knit team.